Are You a Solo-preneur Dreaming of Earning
$100,000 or More Each Year?

“Say Goodbye to Barely Making Enough to Pay Your Bills and Repeated ‘I’d Love to Hire You But…’ Prospects – Here’s How to Create a Thriving 6-Figure (or More!) Business That You Love”

Discover my simple-to-implement business success secrets in the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™, where I reveal the same powerful tips, tools, and resources that I used to build not one but THREE 6-figure businesses in record time. I will give you proven step-by-step know-how to immediately create desire for your services, attract ideal clients galore, and start earning the “big bucks” you’ve always dreamed of – all while doing what you love to do.

The bottom line: Whether you are a brand new or a seasoned solo-preneur, you are just a mouse click away from creating the 6-figure or more business you were truly meant to have.


From: Tommi Wolfe – The Startup Experttommi

Dear Soon-To-Be Six-Figure Solo-preneur,

Are you a coach, author, interior decorator or designer, acupuncturist, health practitioner, physical trainer, photographer, image consultant, financial planner, professional organizer, nutritionist, event planner, therapist, virtual assistant, healer, or other small business owner who…

  • Manages a new or established service-based business and is struggling to make a profit?
  • Has a great product or service but isn’t quite sure how to market it properly?
  • Knows that selling is a part of doing business but hates to seem pushy or sales-y?
  • Wants to earn big money but can’t see how to do this no matter how hard you try?
  • Is frustrated by the limited profit margins in your business and is dying to turn things around?
  • Has limited start-up capital and needs to use your business budget smartly?


…then I’m really glad you are reading this page today! Why? Because the information I’m about to share with you will give you the chance to change your earning power forever, make you irresistible to clients and structure your business for big, big paydays.

Has really transformed the way I view my business

“I was fortunate to meet Tommi Wolfe at the beginning of 2011 through my networking group Boulder Business Builder’s. Within a few weeks I started one of her Bootcamp sessions. That decision has really transformed the way I view my business and the way I will continue to do business in the future. Tommi has a clear, well focused approach and useful tools that are appropriate for anyone who wishes to promote a successful business – new or established. Prior to Tommi’s Bootcamp my business plan was too broad and I was trying to do everything for my customers rather than having a more specific focus. One of the most important aspects of Tommi’s training concerned having a well defined ‘niche’ for my business in addition to client ‘hooks’ that close deals. She does a great job explaining the intricate web of relations between your ‘niche’, your marketing approach, how to attract customers and your profit. Despite being established for many years my business has a new energy, a better plan and vision for the future after completing training with Tommi. I would strongly recommend her training to all new or established businesses that may be struggling with their profits. It is well worth the cost. Thank you very much Tommi!”

Dave Wright
Wright Way Home Improvement



“Direction is invaluable, helping new service based businesses take the right steps in the right order for success”

Melanie Brown“I am so grateful for having found Tommi and her Bootcamp lecture series. As a Physical Therapist, Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach I am in the process of transitioning from the healing context to incorporating Spiritual Life Coaching. Although I’ve been working with clients for the last 20+ years, coming into the new paradigm of websites and the internet was daunting. Her understanding and direction is invaluable, helping new service based businesses take the right steps in the right order for success. With her instruction I’ve updated my approach and method of communicating my services via my websites, videos, and emails. I look forward in the next few weeks to implement much of the content in the Bootcamp series. I highly recommend her and any program she offers to all wanting success in creating their life’s passion…their business!”

Melanie Brown, PT
The Coaching-Healing Spectrum


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“Big Dreams and Big Things ARE Possible! I Went From Not Earning Any Money My First Year In Business to Earning a Minimum Of $10,000 – $15,000 a Month. If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

Trust me, I understand what you’re going through – I have been there myself. When I started my company, I made zero profit my first year in business. It was frustrating, dream-crushing, and demoralizing, as you can imagine.

But my second year, I turned things around majorly and went on to sign Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, and DHL as clients. Ultimately, I joined the ranks of the top 0.02 percentile of earners in my home country of South Africa.

Now, three 6-figure-plus businesses later, I have a lot to share and teach other small business owners about what to do and what not to do to be a tried-and-true success. It’s my mission in life to help you not only replicate my success secrets but also avoid the same mistakes I made that first year I was in business – and save yourself the heartache and wasted time that goes along with those mistakes.

I’m here to be your champion! It is not easy starting a company, and kudos to you for following your dream. But I do want to caution: there are so many things that could distract you from the big prize – a prosperous, high-earning company. My experience tells me that it doesn’t take a lot for solo-preneurs to get overwhelmed and distracted because there are SO MANY things that you need to do. So….

“Ready to Replace the Overwhelm, Stress, and Hopelessness in Your Business With Straightforward, Proven, Step-By-Step Methods to Start, Run, or Grow Your Business Quickly And Profitably?

Then Here’s How to Get Started…”

$uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ is a 4-part series focused exclusively on helping you as a solo-preneur build an amazing business by becoming a client attraction expert.

Just to be fully transparent, here is what the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ is NOT:

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, or a risky venture. All methods are proven to work, right now, in today’s market.

This will not overpower you with so many ideas and no way to implement them. In fact, the last coaching session will give you a chance to get your questions answered and see practically how class participants will implement this material.


“Content-rich and very relevant”

“I met Tommi on Twitter and it was due to her professional yet friendly follow-up and genuine desire to get to know more about me and what I do. When I entered her 10 week Bootcamp class for new entrepreneurs I already had clients and had been pursuing my business for about a year. The class is content-rich and very relevant, whether you are brand new or fairly new, like me. I am now clearer on my niche and have the tools to keep fine-tuning my marketing as I build my business. Being armed with specific tactics that will help me build a solid foundation for my business AND move me to a place where I’m confident and ready to expand is invaluable! Tommi is warm, knowledgeable, successful and she practices what she preaches. Her class and approach is well organized and leaves you with a solid understanding of where you are and where you need to go. I am so grateful to know Tommi and to have shared this class experience with the other entrepreneurs who participated. Tommi worked very hard to create a comfortable atmosphere for sharing and participating, which added great value to the experience.”

Anne Barton



“Empowered me to move forward with confidence”

“I was just starting a new business venture when I learned of the tele-class, “$uper $mart $tart – Bootcamp” that Tommi Wolfe would be teaching. Each week she introduced a new aspect of developing a successful business. Before our time together I really no idea as to where I was going or how I was going to get there. She skillfully moved us through branding to developing websites to developing customer lists to attracting customers and much more. She has empowered me to move forward with confidence in creating my business and driving toward success. I am so grateful to her for all that she did to personally help me.”

Karen Tennant
Calm Heart Organizing


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On the flip side, here is what the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ IS – in just four sessions you’re going to walk away with:

Session #1: “Create and Embrace Your Powerful Six-Figure Niche”

A powerful niche can fill your business with perfect clients. I will show you exactly how to choose your niche, and then how to create powerful, client-attractive marketing messages to naturally draw your ideal, willing-to-pay clients to you.


Session #2: “Create your Unique Signature Program”

I will lead you through my process for building your unique signature program around your services that will help clients finally “get” what you can do for them and separate you from the competition. Best of all, you will be able to charge more money for and add value to your services!


Session #3: Structure your Business for Six Figures

(This is so important and many entrepreneurs NEVER figure this out.) There are some key things that must happen if you want to earn a comfortable income, and I will show you step-by-step how to dramatically increase your income potential forever.



Session #4: 30-Minute “Get Into Action” Private Session with a Coach

You will get to spotlight your business with one of our entrepreneurial coaches. Once you register, you will receive details on how to schedule a private 30-minute Get Into Action session where we will help make sure you are implementing this great content in a powerful and profitable way in your business. (This session alone is worth every penny of your investment!)


“Helped me be less overwhelmed, and more focused on what is important”

“Tommi Wolfe is amazing. When I signed up for the $uper $mart $tart Bootcamp tele-class series I knew I’d get something out of it. I didn’t know how much! You know the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”. I’ve had my own Interior Design Company for 8 yrs and am in the process of creating a brand new company. This requires a whole different set of skills. Tommi helped me be less overwhelmed, and more focused on what is important for me. One night I spent hours feeling “out of my league” with SEO. The next morning I attended Tommi’s call and she covered that very topic. I was relieved and re-energized after our call. I learned so much from her. An added bonus was her Resource Guide, and learning how to practically apply these resources. That was incredibly time saving and helpful. I would have spent hours searching for what I needed. If you are a start-up company this program holds incredible value! Thanks Tommi!!!”

Michelle Vos



“My business and my income has increased many times over since I took your advice”

“Dear Tommi, what wonderful ideas and suggestions you had for us in your class on how to productize and monetize my offerings! The way you explain concepts is easy to understand and applicable to individual businesses. I had a vague idea that other people were implementing these ideas, but thought that they were not applicable to my image consulting business. You taught me that I could be making money on my personal styling services while I sleep! I especially appreciate the suggestion of selling checklists on my website. That would be so easy because I already have created those documents. You explained how they could be generating income by selling them as products, not just services; amazing. Also want to let you know that my business and my income has increased many times over since I took your advice and am really just selling packages now. I love it; so much tidier, yet more comprehensive! Thank you for that wonderful advice.”

Marian Rothschild


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And Here Is What You Get!

1 One comprehensive action guide
2 3 DVD’s – one for each
business building topic
3 3 CD’s (for those busy entrepreneurs
you like to learn while on the go)
4 Instant access to the first audio CD so that you have something to get started with while your product ships

“That’s Not All! Check Out These Exciting Bonuses
Valued at Over $220!”

Get an instant support network at Entrepreneurs Corner

You will receive instant access to this private Facebook group where you can interact with fellow entrepreneurs and graduates of The Startup Expert programs. This support network is great for finding support and affiliates, as well as friends and clients.

Get hooked in to Tommi’s personal business tools and resources

I will share my full toolkit of business savvy resources, all of which I use personally to run my highly profitable small business. This information took a lot of work to assemble, so it is sure to save you loads of time, energy, and money!

Get immediate access to Session One: Niche Secrets while you wait for your $uper $mart$tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ system to arrive by mail

I know how eager you are to get started! So you will receive an email after checkout that will show you how to get started RIGHT AWAY with the first session, while you wait for your product to arrive. Plus, you’ll also receive a beautiful, full-color, editable eBook in which to capture and organize your session notes.


 “Plus, to Put Your Mind Fully at Ease,
I’m Also Giving You…”

My 100% Money Back Guarantee – Purchase with Confidence

If this program does not deliver exactly what was promised you may return it within one year for a full 100% refund. Just tell us how we could improve it for you!

Now that is a solid guarantee!

“Still Wondering if the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ Is Right for You? Peruse These FAQs to Help You Decide…”


Do I have to be a new entrepreneur to benefit from this class?

No. The $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ will benefit any service-based entrepreneur struggling to make a business successful.

How soon will I receive my package?

Your product will arrive by mail and be in your hands within 10 business days.
How can I book time for my private “Get Into Action” session with Tommi?

You will receive an email with full details on how to book your private Get Into Action session, along with access to Tommi’s calendar so that you can book this time. To receive the maximum value from this session, you should book the session after you have completed working through all 3 topics in this product.

I am still thinking of starting my business. Is the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ right for me?

Yes! It will save you a lot of heart-ache and struggling and will get you off to a great start.


“I’m Confident that the $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ Delivers on Everything Promised. But Don’t Just Take My Word for It! Here’s What Other Happy Customers Are Saying About Their Experience…”

“Missing link to success as an entrepreneur”

“Tommi is the missing link to success as an entrepreneur. As a Web developer, I know the nuts and bolts of technology and building a site, but I was always at a loss when clients asked how to use their sites to build their businesses. Tommi is amazing, and has taught me how to use my site to market my business and promote my services. She’s inspiring and supportive, and has helped me build the client base I enjoy today.”

Michelle Panulla



“Having the best month of my career”

“My name is Mike O’Neal, and I work for New York Life. My business card says “Agent”, but the desire is for my business practice to be much more than that. I have hope that my business would be more of a wealth management practice. That is, I would teach professionals how to use their wealth to create a retirement for them and their family. Yet, at the same time, I was being taught to begin my career in the term market. I was trying to be everything for everyone. As a result, I was “aiming at everything and hitting nothing”. Tommi’s Bootcamp taught me how to control my business, and identify my target market. So, rather than aim at everything, I have learned to limit my customer base, and be better at working with those customers. I have learned to control my business better, and aim my marketing efforts. As a result, I am seeing fewer customers, serving them better, and having the best month of my career. I am happier with my clients and my clients are happier with me. Tommi was a big part in helping me learn to work smarter, not just harder. Running your own small business is hard enough just doing the work you love. It is almost impossible to run a successful small business if you aim at the world, not just your customers.”

Mike O’Neal



“She saved me time, money and stress by getting me
focused on what I needed to be doing when”

“As Tommi says; you can have the best service out there, but if no one knows about it – it won’t matter. Although I had a lot of experience providing services; I really didn’t know where to start in setting up my coaching business. It can be extremely overwhelming with all of the things there are to remember and learn. I signed up for Tommi’s bootcamp and it is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done! She saved me time, money and stress by getting me focused on what I needed to be doing when -based on where I am in my business. Instead of feeling overwhelmed that I had to do everything now, she helped me realize what was important to focus on now as I’m starting out and what could wait until later. I was “putting the cart before the horse” prior to taking her bootcamp and feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed. Now, I know what I need to be doing and will be up and running very soon. I now see very clearly why she has become so successful so quickly! She’s fantastic! The really nice thing about Tommi is that not only is she really good at what she does, but she’s “real”. She is able to laugh at herself, readily shares the things she’s learned from her own mistakes in the past and makes you feel like you’re not crazy for feeling overwhelmed. You really feel that she wants you to be the best you can be and gain the success you have potential to have. If we are successful, she is successful! I am thankful I can not only call her a mentor, but also my friend”

Christine Suva, MS, CPC, ELIMP
THRIVE Coach Services, Inc.



“I felt much more knowledgeable and most inspired to be a successful business owner at the end of your course”

“Your online classes provided a great amount of basic and specific information essential for a complete beginner like me. The materials were well structured, and topics were greatly presented. I was excited about the many “auxiliaries” you gave, e.g. links and business references. Wherever I felt a bit insecure because of being a newcomer, you shared your expert insights and gave the most efficient answers. I felt much more knowledgeable and with it most inspired to be a successful business owner at the end of your course. Thank you so much for your expertise, your support, and the networking opportunities you share with all of us as your clients.”

Ursula Reich, MA
Keys-To-Life – A Blueprint of Magnificence



“I have more of the kind of projects that
I WANT with the clients that I WANT”

“Dear Tommi, after going through the Bootcamp and applying the principals I’ve learned, I have more of the kind of projects that I WANT with the clients that I WANT. With the new clarity, there are more work offers. My small company is running almost at the full capacity right now. I might have to hire the assistant I have been dreaming about! The Bootcamp absolutely ‘booted’ me into nitching. It is so hard and scary for a single business owner to zoom down on the ideal client. We fear losing potential clients out there. Thank you, your bootcamp is essential not only for a startup, but for any solopreneur struggling with organizing and creating a steady income from their offer or product.”

Eugenia Kreider



“So, Are You Ready to Join Me? Then Select Which Easy Payment Option You Prefer – Click, and Done! You’re On Your Way to 6-Figure Success.”

“Yes, Tommi! Please send me my $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ home study program right away. I want to build a business that attracts clients easily and is very profitable.”

Sign up now to ensure your place in this one-of-a-kind series especially for entrepreneurs!

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I can’t wait to show you these powerful business techniques that will transform your ability to build a hugely successful business. Don’t spend any more time struggling!
Tommi Wolfe
The Startup Expert

“Still Undecided?”

Ask me any question about this $uper $mart $tart Entrepreneurial Bootcamp™ and I will help you decide if this is right for you.

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