“Niche Secrets™”


Here’s the honest and brutal truth: if you haven’t declared a niche – either because you have no idea what a “niche” is, because you don’t know how to choose a niche, or maybe even because you think you have a niche when, in fact, you don’t – then you aren’t reaching your 6-figure business goals any time soon.

On the other hand, once you have declared your niche, good things happen. REALLY GOOD THINGS ($$$)!

When you have a solid niche, you start talking to clients in a highly client-attractive way that makes prospects strongly desire you and your offerings. Plus, your prospects clearly understand what you do, and more importantly, what you can do for them. And the best thing of all about niche-ing – your prospects are eager to spend their money with YOU!

So how do you discover the niche that is perfect for you? My Niche Secrets™ product shows you, step-by-step, how to create and embrace your 6-figure niche, ensuring you dominate a powerful market brimming with high-paying, ideally-suited clients.


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“$uper $mart $tart Bootcamp™”


Are you a solo-preneur dreaming of earning $100,000 or more each year?

Discover my simple-to-implement business success secrets in the $uper $mart $tart Bootcamp™, where I reveal the same powerful tips, tools, and resources that I used to build not one but THREE 6-figure businesses in record time.

The information I share with you in this business-altering bootcamp will give you the chance to change your earning power forever, make you irresistible to clients and structure your business for big, big paydays.

If you want to stop “scraping by” financially and avoid the “I’d love to hire you, but” conversations, then let me show you how to create a thriving 6-figure business that you love.

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“From Contact To Client™”


A 7 module series to help you build a robust, reliable, repeatable Client Generation Process. This is an in depth look at how to turn a contact of yours into a paying client. Any successful business needs to have marketing funnel that attracts, validates and converts potential clients into paying clients. In this 7 module course you will be given templates, tools, and resources to lay the foundation so that you can simply “rinse and repeat”.

7 step contact to client

Module 1: The BIG Mistake (& How To Fix It)
Module 2: Your Cornerstone of Client Attraction
Module 3: Creating Your Magnetic Message
Module 4: The Sales Funnel Formula
Module 5: Filling Your Free First Offerings
Module 6: Moving Easily From Free to Paid
Module 7: Your First Paid Offer


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