"How to Build A Strong, Steady Stream of New Clients – Forever!"


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A 7 module series to help you build a robust, reliable, repeatable Client Generation Process

Module 1: The BIG Mistake (& How To Fix It)

Almost 95% of entrepreneurs make this mistake and don't fix it until someone shows them how. I am going to. Nothing works well in your business until you get this right. You will learn how to speak a language your clients love.

Module 2: Your Cornerstone of Client Attraction

This material will help your future clients notice you and know they need to work with you. If this is all you get from the entire workshop, you will thank me for many years to come.

Module 3: Creating Your Magnetic Message

You are now ready to pull together juicy, magnetic messaging that your clients understand and resonate with and find highly attractive. You need this for EVERYTHING you will ever do to attract client. And when this class is over, you will have it down, and are ready to start scaling up our client attraction big time.

Module 4: The Sales Funnel Formula

What we have already learned and built so far is actually the basis for all the marketing and copy-writing that you will need to do moving forward. A look at how you can re-use, re-purpose and expand the the work we have done so far in this class.

Module 5: Filling Your Free First Offerings

We will create enticing titles and invitations that you can re-use permanently to generate interest and new leads, to easily fill your introductory offers.

Module 6: Moving Easily From Free to Paid

Once you have interested new leads, lets make sure we have a rock star system to nurture them and grow them into high paying clients. You will learn how to have them fall in love with you and your services and entice them to become your newest client.

Module 7: Your First Paid Offer

Most entrepreneurs offer all the wrong things, too soon and at all the wrong prices, and scare their potential new clients away, even when they are interested. I will help you get set up for success when you make your first offer to a new client.

You will receive a new module every week for 7 weeks by email.

All materials will be stored in a handy team room 


I want a repeatable process that reliably brings in new clients!


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Tommi Wolfe–The Startup Expert, guides solopreneurs to create six figures fast. Clients hire here for her business smarts, trust her for her heart, and create six-figure businesses when they take inspired action. You can learn more about Tommi and her services at www.TheStartupExpert.com

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