About Tommi Wolfe

How did you come to be an expert in launching new businesses?

This happened to me more by accident than intention. I started out my career in South Africa, fresh out of college, in the high-tech corporate world. I loved it and I thrived there. I could easily have stayed there for my entire career. Within weeks of my first child being born, I lost my husband in a tragic car accident and found myself with a new baby, a broken heart and a rather urgent need for a different sort of career. It needed to be flexible enough to let me be a great mom, which was my first priority. Plus, it needed to be lucrative enough to hopefully make up for my husband’s income and my own. This was my unplanned and rather difficult start as an entrepreneur.

I chose to be an independent consultant to the IT industry.  Looking back, I can tell you I was definitely not a natural entrepreneur–-it took me over a year to start making any money at all! I think I made every mistake in the book. However, I figured it all out eventually. I signed Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, DHL and other prestigious companies as clients. Within three years I was earning much more than I knew how to spend. In fact my earnings placed me in the top 0.02% of earners in the country.

The South African crime situation became really bad after the dismantling of apartheid, and I felt vulnerable and unsafe as a single mom. I was so blessed that the US Immigration and Naturalization Service granted me “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” status, which allowed me to live and work in the great USA! How exciting! I sold my South African business and moved to the USA. I launched a successful company in the USA in my first year here but I discovered I really needed to Americanize. The business world was very different, and I knew I needed to integrate into American society as a corporate employee.

I landed a wonderful job with IBM, managing and leading projects worth up to $1B.

I earned IBM’s prestigious leadership award and was repeatedly ranked among their top managers worldwide. Yet I grew way too comfortable there. (This should have been a big warning sign for someone interested in growth, renewal and success!) Too much time passed before I realized I was stagnating, so I decided to become a life coach and launched my second business. I enjoyed great success right from the start, and because of this, I got pulled repeatedly into helping newer entrepreneurs launch their businesses. This was so rewarding and fun for me that I officially combined my coaching skills and my entrepreneurial skills to do this full time.

About Sam Shew

-8302004671524805978Sam Shew joined The Startup Expert in 2013 when he moved from Atlanta, GA to become the Operations Director for The Startup Expert. Previously Sam worked as an internal consultant at SunTrust Bank in Atlanta supporting all lines of business in improving their internal processes and managing large scale enterprise wide projects. As a Certified Project Manager (CPM) and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Sam is experienced in business operations and process improvement. His understanding of how business operations can be made more efficient and stable has proved to be invaluable to the growth of The Startup Expert. Sam possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and background that has made the partnership with The Startup Expert a true win-win.

Aside from business, Sam has a unparalleled enthusiasm and interest in outdoor adventure and leadership. He is involved in whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, and last year lead a 12 day sea kayaking expedition in Scotland, UK. Sam’s desire and strong work ethic has helped The Startup Expert continually reach new heights, and we are excited about where we are headed and the global impact that we can make.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

Live the life you love.

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    1. How are you different from other business coaches?
    2. How can I be sure this will work for me?
    3. Can’t I just figure out how to get my new business going on my own?
    4. Who gets the best results with this material?
    5. Will I get a good return on my investment in working with you?
    6. How does your service work? How can we work together?
    7. I am just launching my company. Is it too early to work with you?
    8. Do you accept credit cards?
    9. I am not certain if this is what I need. Is there a way to get a feel for this program without too much investment?
    10. I am keen to work with you to grow my business successfully to the next level. I have a few questions though, can I discuss them with you?
    11. Where can I learn more about your offerings?

How are you different from other business coaches?

That is an important question. Using my personal experience as a serial entrepreneur, successful consultant and professional coach, I’m able to offer some unique and special service to my clients.

  • I’m very specialized in what I do; I help new, service-based businesses start up in a fast, simple and profitable manner. This focused approach allows me to really understand the unique challenges and needs of my clients, and provide solutions that are simple, repeatable and that work.  As a result, I can be really targeted in getting results for my clients!
  • I have, of course, launched companies before, twice. Both times I was very successful. That is not to say I didn’t make a bunch of mistakes — I most certainly did! But I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, the hard way. Now I can show you — the easy way.
  • I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours learning the techniques I needed to be successful. I’ve distilled these down to just the essential skills needed in the first year of a successful business launch. I have created my signature $uper $mart $tart system that ensures my clients get the help they need to quickly and easily start a business, without spending any unnecessary time and money to get there. My system is specially tailored to provide just the right amount of information to get you going without overwhelm and stress.
  • I’m also a trained, professional coach and I’m skilled at creating and inspiring the success mindset so necessary to running successful businesses. I know my clients need both the mental and emotional support as much as the more practical business start-up skills and techniques.

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How can I be sure this will work for me?

Everything I do is based on solid business skills. There are no gimmicks, risks or “get rich quick” schemes at all. I believe the only way to lasting success is a powerful combination of courage, business smarts and hard work. There is definitely work involved on your part. You must have a viable business idea. But if you consistently and thoroughly implement the techniques you learn, and do the necessary work, you will get results. And I will be there to support you every step of the way, if you desire this.

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Can’t I just figure out how to get my new business going on my own?

Possibly. Half of all new businesses succeed (contrary to the depressing statistics usually quoted).  However, given that many new business owners have limited time and start-up funds at their disposal, it’s imperative that time and money are spent wisely, to give their new business the best chance of success.  A well-chosen investment in tools, techniques, methodologies and support that helps get you clients and profits as fast as possible is a very smart decision. It’s significantly less expensive than learning everything the hard way! The great thing about my system is that it’s very focused on making your first year as successful as possible.

Also, never underestimate the extraordinary power of a business coach to forward your business goals, open doors and create opportunities you may never discover on your own. My personal experience with this makes me a true believer in the power of investing in your business by hiring a fantastic business coach.

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Who gets the best results with this material?

My material is extremely well suited for a wide range of businesses. It works particularly well with service based businesses. Clients who do well with me are typically go-getters who are deeply committed to making a huge success of their new company. They tend to be action oriented and not afraid of hard work.

Clients who benefit from this material include financial planners, coaches, designers, interior decorators, authors, consultants, acupuncturists, health practitioners, physical trainers, photographers, trainers, image consultants, organizers, nutritionists, event planners, therapists, virtual assistants, healers — essentially anyone who sells a service in exchange for money.

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Will I get a good return on my investment in working with you?

Yes! You’ll get an excellent return on your investment — in fact, you’ll recover your costs many times over, and quickly too! I know it seems very expensive to hire a business coach or to invest in business training. It helps to remember that this step is an investment in yourself and your new company. If you choose wisely, it is possibly the smartest decision you can make. Here are a number of reasons why my offerings will give you an excellent return on your investment:

  1. My system makes you money because it teaches the most effective, proven methods to focus your marketing for results, and then quickly and easily attracts your ideal clients to your new business.
  2. My system saves you money (and time) by distilling the essential skills you need in your first year. This means you can use your start-up funds in a sensible way and not waste money on tons of expensive training that you’re not ready for.  It will also save you money by making sure you avoid the costly startup errors most new entrepreneurs make.
  3. My system saves you time by making sure you only work on those items that are essential to a fast and profitable startup. Best of all, you’ll learn techniques that are repeatable and can be automated, so you can run a business that still gives you time off to relax and enjoy your family and friends.
  4. My system makes it easy by providing new self-employed business owners the skills and support you need to launch your new business with confidence.

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How does your service work? How can we work together?

There are a number of ways we can work together, and you can choose the method that works best for your situation. My services include my very affordable “$uper $mart $tart — Bootcamp” for new entrepreneurs; this teaches excellent entrepreneurial tools and techniques that every new entrepreneur should know. I also offer a choice of leading edge, comprehensive and highly effective business mastermind programs to support you every step of the way in your road to entrepreneurial stardom.

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I am just launching my company. Is it too early to work with you?

This is the best time. I can save you the most heartache and expense if you come to me early on. However, most of my clients have struggled for a while on their own before realizing that they need help. I specialize in the first year of business startup, but more mature businesses will benefit if they have not yet learned how to attract enough clients and market themselves successfully.

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Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I also offer easy payment options so that you can pay in budget-friendly installments if you prefer.

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I am not certain if this is what I need.  Is there a way to get a feel for this program without too much investment?

Yes. There is no doubt that the investment in a business coach who has already launched businesses successfully is a huge asset for a new business owner. This is the most effective way to avoid pitfalls and launch fast. However, if you’re not ready (or financially able) to commit to intensive business startup coaching, then signing up for my very affordable$uper $mart $tart — Bootcamp” is the best alternative. This program is a cost-effective start which will give you the most important tools and techniques that you need to make your business very successful.

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I am keen to work with you to grow my business successfully to the next level. I have a few questions though, can I discuss them with you?

Certainly. You may schedule a short strategy session with me personally, and I will answer your questions and make sure you are choosing the best offering for your situation. Click here to schedule this time with me.

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Where can I learn more about your offerings?

Click here to get some more details on how I can help you build the new business of your dreams.

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